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Very impressed

1st purchase and very impressed with the quality and speed of shipping. Thank you.

Thanks for taking the time to write this review, Marcy! We're glad that you're happy with your first purchase. :-)

Callisia Repens Pink Lady
Viken Khorassandjian
Im just loving it!

I got a couple of succulents, cactus __, and some other plants. And Im just loving it!! I had the opportunity to pass by the store although they strictly work online but luckily the owner was there and he let me in to choose my plants! This place is highly suggested they have a vast variety of plants, very knowledgeable and super friendly!

Thanks for taking the time to write this very kind review, Viken! :-) We're glad you're enjoying the plants. The photo looks great! :D

Mystery Box
Karent T
Plants arrived healthy and gorgeous

I couldnt be happier with my purchase. Plants arrived healthy and gorgeous. Well packaged.
Ill be buying all my plants from here __

Thanks for this review, Karen! We're happy that you're happy and that we'll see you back again soon! ;-)

I would give them a 10 star rating

I placed my first order with Cactus en ligne for a cactus mixed bundle of six. The plants arrived promptly; a really nice variety, packed well all safe and healthy. I'm so glad I found this shop and I'm so impressed. The people are fantastic, very friendly and very helpful. I would give them a 10 star rating if I could. Their prices are very reasonable too. I highly recommend buying your plants there and I'm already looking forward to my next order. Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to write this review! Our team puts so much effort in caring for our plants and packing for safe travels. We really appreciate your feedback. ;-)

Scindapsus Pictus "Silver Satin" 4''
laurie anne houde beaudry
I love that plant

It’s bright, original, nice to the touch! Everyting to love about that plant!

Hoya David Cummingii 4"
Remoel Mercado
Small plant

I got a very small plant. Much smaller than the one in the previous picture

They were so healthy, no pests, well packaged.

I live in rural Newfoundland and it has been very difficult to get plants safely shipped to me, even from places IN NL. So, Ive been trying different companies out for about 6 months now. About 7 different orders later, I finally come across Cactus En Ligne. I ordered, it was incredibly easy, the website is very nice and easy to use, check out too! They offer paypal which is awesome, because I dont use CCs. on the third day from when I did order, my plants arrived. 100% the fastest Ive ever received anything from the moment I ordered. Heat packs in place, dirt in place, plants on their side but otherwise perfect condition. They were so healthy, no pests, well packaged, fast/reliably shipped, AND customer service was MINT. we had an initial issue with shipping; but Max emailed me to fix it up. clear positive communication, SUPER fast response time, & going above and beyond to offer another solution to the issue. A different company didnt even look for another solution and just emailed to explain they were canceling my order. Just rural living problems but theres not really anywhere else to get plants for me either. Long story short, I placed my new plants where I wanted them, and then immediately made another order. Theyre arriving tomorrow. Thank you again Max/Cactus En Ligne! 100% happy customer and will VERY likely be returning for all my planty needs.

Thanks for taking the time to write this great review, Amber! :-) To tell you the truth, it's fun and easy to work with and serve customers in the more rural areas of Canada. We're so glad your experience was positive and we're looking forward to working with you again soon!

Fantastic Selection!

This is one of the best plant bundles I've ever purchased. My mystery box arrived with 10 different cacti and succulents, all in 4" pots. They were very well packaged and all very healthy. The following were included:
-echinopsis eyriesii, crassula arborescens, cleistocactus cristata, opuntia engelmannii, opuntia falcata, cissus quadrangularis, haworthia savanna, sansevieria, gastric maculata, and opuntia subulata.

Cute Cactus!

This cactus arrived in perfect condition. It's very healthy and a decent size! I purchased the 4" pot which came with 3 cacti (pretty much exactly as shown in the picture!). I live in Edmonton, and all my plants arrived with no issues.

Beautiful plant

When I ordered this I thought maybe it was too good to be true based on the price (in Ontario these are ridiculously expensive). However I was so happy when I received my plant! Has beautiful pink variegation on it and I wasn’t sure what to expect for a 3.5 inch plant but it’s much bigger than I thought! Came in about 5 days and was packaged properly (with no soil spilling out). Overall super happy to finally add one to my collection!

Mystery Box
Magnifiques plantes

J'ai reçu 11 plantes diffĂ©rentes en santĂ©. Parfait pour dĂ©buter une collection de cactus/succulente. En plus ils m'ont envoyĂ© un petit Philodendron prince of orange je n'Ă©tais pas sĂ»re de l'espĂšce et j'ai contactĂ© le service a la clientĂšle ils m'ont envoyĂ© la rĂ©ponse dans la journĂ©e. Mon crassula perforata avait une tĂȘte de cassĂ© je l'ai plantĂ© a cĂŽtĂ© donc une plante gratuite!!
La livraison était rapide et les plantes bien emballé

G. DĂ©silets
De belles paires de fesses ;)

J'ai acheté deux pots pour recevoir un total de 9 lithops, de tailles varié : de 1cm à 1pouce, tous en bonne voie pour le split et le seul avec un dommage apparent est parfaitement guéri!


C’est excitant de recevoir un colis de cactus et de plantes. Tout est bien emballĂ©, les plantes sont superbes et les cactus merveilleux !!!

Merci cactus en ligne!!!


My Philodendron Prince of Orange is gorgeous with vibrant orange in the centre. I have it in bright light. It has become a slow grower because the cat nibbles the leaves.
Am very happy with products and services from Cactus en Ligne! Thanks very much!


After having Birkin for a couple of months, I am so pleased with this plant. Absolutely stunning. Has doubled in size and will be transplanted soon.
Cactus en ligne does not disappoint. I wish I had a bigger condo....or a cat who doesn't nibble leaves.

Adorablement parfaite

En parfaite condition, aucun dommage! Le pot contenait 2 belles tiges de plus de 3", bien raciné !

Aloe Christmas Carol
G. DĂ©silets
L'Ă©toile du jardin!

Vibrante de couleur et en parfaite santé, elle est arrivée sans aucune dommage et ses racines remplissait le pot!

Bonne variétés à bon prix!

J'ai reçu un lot de 10 tillandsias en parfaite santé, un mix de Caput-medusae, Brachycaulos, Baileyi et Intermedia. Aucun signe de maladie, quelques dommages sur les plus vieilles feuilles mais rien d'inhabituel pour de tel plantes. 10/10, je n'aurai pas espérer mieux!

de trĂšs belles plantes!

Je suis contente de recevoir deux trĂšs belles plantes, (achetĂ©es en deux temps), et en pleine santĂ©! La Peperomia Graveolens "Ruby Glow" est une plante rare qu'on ne voit pas souvent, mĂȘme aux fleuristes. Ɯes feuilles charnues en forme de tacos et ses couleurs contrastantes sont vraiment uniques!

Euphorbe Enopla

Mignons petits cactus avec les pointes rouges.
C’est charmant!!!

Happy little plants!

I ordered five pots of Lithops back in April and they arrived on the west coast in perfect condition. They were very well grown, carefully packed and have settled in to their forever home without a problem. I would highly recommend Cactus en ligne. Thank you for giving these Lithops such a good start!

Thanks, Lori! Glad you like the little living stones! :)


J’en ai commandĂ© une Ă  l’hiver et elle n’avait que 3 raquettes; aprĂšs quelques mois, elle est partie en folie, c’est de toute beautĂ© Ă  voir!

Very healthy, robust plants and great customer service!

Cactusenligne’s plants are of excellent quality. I highly recommend this company: great healthy, robust, happy, great quality plants. The service is friendly, prompt, courteous and professional=excellent!

I received 2plants. I’m so very happy and satisfied with plants: arrived fast-as promised, very well-packed, no damage to the plants and the plants didn’t look stressed.

The plants are very healthy with lots of plump, vibrant green branches-looking so happy; have new growths; healthy root system.
To compare the great value and quality, I needed a plant as gift. My daughter recommended cactusenligne but at that time, they were sold out. So I googled, found and bought 2 cuttings from a different seller in Toronto for the same price but the shipping costs was double, the cuttings were sickly, thin, not bushy/robust. I was very disappointed. Cuttings will take 4-6 weeks to root. I didn’t have a choice, so I ordered from Toronto. I felt bad to give these sad cuttings as present, so I kept trying cactusenligne to see if they have these plants back in stock. And they did. So I ordered two, one to replace the gift and one for me.
When I received them from cactusenligne, I was so happy beyond words! I felt proud having purchased a superior plant from cactusenligne so, I texted my son and his wife a picture and said that I have found a replacement plant. They said “wow! Those are pretty big!” So, cactusenligne plants are more superior than anywhere else I’ve purchased.

Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora 4"
Denise Despaties

Reçu aprÚs 2jours,en trÚs bon état,et trÚs trÚs jolie.merci

Christmas all year round!

This cute little aloe has vibrant colours and looks vicious. I love it!

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