Euphorbia Horrida 2.5''


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Euphorbia Horrida 2.5''
Euphorbia Horrida 2.5''
Euphorbia Horrida is a wonderful example of convergent evolution in that it resembles many new world cacti. The species name 'horrida' comes from the Latin for spiny referring to the formidable rows of spines up to 40 mm long. If the spines weren't deterrent enough, they have also a poisonous, corrosive sap.
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 Full sun
 Water thoroughly when the soil is completely dry
 Small yellow flowers
 Toxic to animals
 Growth: Columnar, up to 1m
 Origin : South Africa
 Grown in Canada
Euphorbia Horrida 2.5''
Euphorbia Horrida 2.5''

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