Begonia Venosa 2.5"


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Begonia Venosa 2.5"
Begonia Venosa 2.5"

Begonia Venosa, is a semi-succulent, upright type begonia native to Brazil. It has thick, round, leathery leaves that are covered with fine white hair. This stunning plant is meant to be kept as an indoor plant because of its gorgeous foliage and adorable flowers. 

  • Shape and size may vary from the photo
  • Shipped in a plastic pot with soil to prevent damage to the roots
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  • Ships from April to Octobre

 Bright, indirect sunlight
 Water when soil is completely dry
 Fragrant white flowers
 Can be toxic to animals
 Growth : Up to 60cm
 Origin : Brazil
Begonia Venosa 2.5"
Begonia Venosa 2.5"

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