Pilea Depressa 4"


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Pilea Depressa is also known as Pilea "Baby Tears" because of its ressemblance to the original baby tears plant (Soleirolia soleirolii). The leaves of this Pilea are slightly thicker and larger. It is a dense, trailing plant making it perfect for terrariums and or hanging off a shelf. 

  • Shape and size may vary from the photo
  • Shipped in a 4" pot to prevent damage to the roots
  • Free delivery across Canada with a minimum purchase of $95
  • This plant is not shipped during cold season
 Medium to bright indirect light
 Keep soil slightly moist but not soggy
 Rarely, small white flowers
 Non-toxic to animals
 Growth : Bushy, trailing, up to 2 ft
 Origin : Caribbean
 Grown in Canada

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