Mammillaria Elongata 4"

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Mammillaria is one of the largest genus in the cactus family, with over 200 known species that are particularly known for their flowers. They produce many, small blooms that often grow in a circular crown of flowers on the top of the cactus.

Mammillaria are rather slow growers and are happy to stay in the same pot for a few years. They love direct sunlight, but if outside, avoid more than 4 hours of hot direct light per day.

  • Shape and size may vary from the photo
  • Our plants are shipped in a 4" pot to prevent damage to the roots
 Up to 4 hours of direct sun
 Water thoroughly when soil is completely dry
 Many pink flowers
 Non-toxic to animals
 Growth: Clustering, 6-12 inches
 Origin : Mexico
 Grown in Canada

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