Lapidaria Margaretae


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Lapidaria Margaretae
Lapidaria Margaretae

Also known as rose karoo, lapidaria margaretae, is a striking yet colored mesemb with yellow blossoms. It resembles Schwantesia Lithops and Dinteranthus. The only difference between them is while dinteranthus and lithops usually consist of one pair of leaves, rose karoo carries two to four pairs of leaves.

The care for these plants is quite particular - they are dormant in both summer and winter. They will require watering only once or twice in the fall and again in the spring. Make sure the soil is completely dry before watering.  

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 Moderate sunlight
 Water 1-2 times in Spring and Fall
 White or yellow flowers
 Non-toxic to animals
 Growth: Clumping, 1-2 inches
 Origin : Namibia, South Africa
 Grown in Canada
Lapidaria Margaretae
Lapidaria Margaretae