Hoya Bella 2.5''


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Hoya Bella 2.5''
Hoya Bella 2.5''

There are hundreds of species of Hoya that are mainly known for their waxy leaves and their beautiful, porcelain-like flowers. Hoya bella is a quick-growing species that may not need as much light as some of your other Hoya.

Most Hoya are epiphytic plants, growing in tree tops. This means that they prefer to be kept in a small pot with course, well-draining soil. Avoid cutting off any long tendrils as they will eventually grow leaves and flowers!

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  • Shipped in a plastic nursery pot to prevent damage to the roots
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 Medium to bright indirect light
 Water moderately when 2-3cm of soil is dry
 White and pink porcelaine flowers
 Non-toxic to animals
 Growth : Trailing, up to 2-3 ft
 Origin : Australia, Indonesia, India, China
 Grown in Canada
Hoya Bella 2.5''
Hoya Bella 2.5''

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