Echinopsis 'Haku Jo' 4"


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Echinopsis 'Haku Jo' 4"
Echinopsis 'Haku Jo' 4"

This Japanese cultivar is really different and original with characteristic white tomentose lines that connect the areoles to one another. Like most other Echinopsis hybrid,  Echinopsis 'Haku Jo' flowers are long trumpet shaped white and scented. This plant can grow quite fast.

  • As is nature, actual plant may vary from the photo!
  • Shipped in a plastic growers pot with soil to prevent damage to roots.
 Sun to partial shade
 Water when soil is completely dry
 White trumpet flowers
 Non-toxic to animals
 Growth: Up to 30 cm high
 Origin : Japan
Echinopsis 'Haku Jo' 4"
Echinopsis 'Haku Jo' 4"

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