Echinopsis Eyriesii


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Echinopsis Eyriesii
Echinopsis Eyriesii

Echinopsis eyriesii is also known as the Easter lily cactus and the sea urchin cactus. These cacti are easy to grow provided placed in a sunny, bright position and protected from frost. They hail from Southern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina where they grow on grassy plains or on low hills within a tropical climate. The winters are generally dry but the landscape is often flooded during summer and these cacti are able to cope with these conditions because of the free-draining soil The Echinopsis eyriesii bear huge nocturnal flowers in summer when they are fairly mature and the conditions are right.

    • Shape and size may vary from the photo
    • Shipped in a 4" or 2.5" pot to prevent damage to the roots
     Full sun
     Water when soil is completely dry
    Nocturnal, pure white
     Non-toxic to animals
     Growth: Round, up to 15 cm
     Origin : South America
     Grown in Canada
    Echinopsis Eyriesii
    Echinopsis Eyriesii

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