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Echeveria Setosa 'Speck'

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Echeveria setosa 'Speck' is a specific variation of Echeveria setosa, a succulent plant belonging to the Crassulaceae family. Originating from Mexico, it is highly regarded for its fuzzy leaves. These dark green leaves are often adorned with small brown or purple marks, lending it a distinctive and appealing appearance while arranged in compact rosettes. This variety is favored among succulent enthusiasts for its attractive look, low maintenance requirements, and its ability to form beautiful, tightly-packed rosettes.

  • As is nature, actual plant may vary from the photo!
  • Shipped in a standard growers pot with soil.
Full sun to partial shade

Water thoroughly when soil is completely dry

Orange, red, or yellow flowers on a floral stem

Non-toxic to animals

Rosette, up to 15 cm diameter

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