Calathea Zebrina 4"


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Calathea Zebrina 4"
Calathea Zebrina 4"
Calathea zebrina, also called the Zebra Plant has striking light green and velvety leaves. It earns its common name due to the dark green stripes running across,  resembling a Zebra.
  • Shape and size may vary from photo
  • Shipped in a 4" pot to prevent damage to the roots
  • Free delivery across Canada with a minimum purchase of $95
  • This plant is not shipped during cold season
Medium light, away from direct sunlight
 Water when the top inch has completely dried out
 Non-toxic to animals
 Growth : Up to 30 cm
 Origin : Brazil
Calathea Zebrina 4"
Calathea Zebrina 4"

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