Calathea Freddie 4"


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Calathea Freddie 4"
Calathea Freddie 4"

Sometimes called Zebra Plant, the Freddie will bring out the tropical vibes without the hassle of caring for them, as they are an excellent option for indoor gardening. Calathea Freddie is also known as the Calathea Concinna, which is a Brazilian native tropical plant.

  • Shape and size may vary from photo
  • Shipped in a 4" pot to prevent damage to the roots
  • Free delivery across Canada with a minimum purchase of $95
  • This plant is not shipped during cold season
 Shade with indirect light
 Water when the top inch has completely dried out
 Small white flowers
 Non-toxic to animals
 Growth : Up to 1 m
 Origin : Brazil
Calathea Freddie 4"
Calathea Freddie 4"

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