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Blossfeldia Liliputiana 4"

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Blossfeldia Liliputiana, or mistakenly Liliputana, is a genus of one of the smallest cacti, named in reference to the 6 inch tall Liliputians of Gulliver's Travels. This remarkable miniature is the most enigmatic of all cacti. It is poikilohydric - the only cactus capable of completely drying out and then rehydrating its cells when watered.  It could be that what looks like a few dried out and dead seedlings could be revived by a thorough soak. Because of their slow growth rate, Blossfeldias are often clumped and grafted.

  • As is nature, actual plant may vary from the photo!
  • Shipped in a standard growers pot with soil.
Mostly sun, partial shade

Water when soil is completely dry from spring to fall

White and yellow flowers

Non-toxic to animals

Clumping, 10 cm

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