Aloe Piranha 2.5"-4"


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Aloe Piranha 2.5"-4"
Aloe Piranha 2.5"-4"

The Aloe Piranha has lumps, bumps, and spikes on its fleshy leaves. The leaves are mid to dark green with cream and pink bumps. Colors intensify in cooler weather. Piranha makes a great house, office, or patio plant.

Aloe can endure many different light conditions and can survive very long periods without water. Make sure to allow the soil to dry completely before watering.

  • Shape and size may vary from the photo
  • Shipped in a plastic growers pot with soil to prevent damage to the roots
 Bright indirect light to full sun
 Water only when soil is completely dry
 Small pink or yellow
 Mildly toxic to animals
 Growth : Rosette, up to 8 inches
 Origin : Hybrid, South Africa
 Grown in Canada
Aloe Piranha 2.5"-4"
Aloe Piranha 2.5"-4"

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