Echeveria Rundelli 3.5"

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Echeveria Rundelli 3.5"
Echeveria Rundelli 3.5"

Echeveria Rundelli is an adorable succulent with tiny, chunky, pointed blue green leaves growing in a dense rosette, covered in fine white hairs. This plant will blush a rosy pink or purple when happily stressed by intense sunlight and drought conditions. Displays scarlet and yellow flowers on short pink stalks which arise from the center of the rosette.

Provide a well-drained soil away from reflected heat. Requires little water once established. Ideal in warm climate landscapes, rock gardens and container gardens, but is especially happy sitting on your windowsill as a houseplant.

  • Shape and size may vary from the photo
  • Our plants are shipped in a 3.5" pot to prevent damage to the roots

 Full sun to part sun

 Water when soil is completely dry

 Colourful flowers atop a tall stem

 Non-toxic to animals

 Growth : 3 inches in diameter

 Origin : Central America

 Grown in Canada

Echeveria Rundelli 3.5"
Echeveria Rundelli 3.5"

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