Cissus Rotundifolia 4''


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Cissus Rotundifolia is a beautiful climbing plant that will easily attach itself to any trellis it is given. It will create a wall of shiny, round leaves that vary from light to deep green depending on how much sun it is given. It is a forgiving plant that won't mind if you miss a watering or two.

  • Shape and size may vary from the photo
  • Shipped in a 4" pot to prevent damage to the roots
  • Free delivery across Canada with a minimum purchase of $95
  • This plant is not shipped during cold season
 Bright indirect light to some direct sun
 Water moderately when 1-2 inches of soil are dry
 Small, yellowish-green flowers
 Non-tox to animals
 Growth: Climbing, up to several feet
 Origin : East Africa
 Grown in Canada


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